Mark Lewis Photo

Meet Mark, a native of upstate New York, whose roots run deep in the real estate industry with his family’s residential construction and property management business, Lewiston Properties & Construction. He brings an exceptional educational background, holding both an undergraduate and Master’s Degree in Architecture from Northeastern University. Having resided in various Boston neighborhoods, including Mission Hill, Fenway, the South End, and East Boston, Mark possesses a unique perspective on the city’s diverse neighborhood typologies, blending design and construction insights.

With an unwavering passion for real estate and a strong work ethic, Mark’s experience extends to multiple trade-related works, making him a well-rounded professional. After honing his skills in design and engineering firms, he now proudly contributes his expertise to JL+CoRE’s dynamic team. Outside of work, Mark’s artistic pursuits come to life as he immerses himself in creating paintings and sculptures in his free time.

With Mark’s combination of industry knowledge, creativity, and dedication, he is well-equipped to assist clients in navigating Boston’s real estate landscape and turning their dreams into reality.