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Our JL+CoRE Management Services Team take pride in delivering top-tier property management services that elevate your real estate investments. Our dedicated team of experts is here to help you unlock the full potential of your properties, whether you’re a landlord or a tenant.


  • Evaluate the property and determine an accurate rental rate
  • Provide insightful recommendations on repairs and cosmetic improvements that could maximize monthly rent and deliver a favorable return on investment
  • Collect data on rental rates in the surrounding area and collaborate with owners to determine the most suitable rental rate.  Rental research will encompass a review of recently rented properties that are comparable in size and type
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various rental policies and procedures such as accepting pets, allowing smoking, shorter term rentals…with the aim of optimizing rental income


  • Prepare property for tenancy;
    • Cleaning and optimize interior appeal***
    • Enhance the attractiveness of common areas to increase appeal***
  • Thoroughly document the interior and exterior of the property, capturing detailed photos
  • Develop customized advertising to effectively market the property, including but not limited to;
    • Listing the property on prominent rental websites, including zillow.com, rentlinx.com, and apartments.com, which may have associated fees
    • Promoting the rental listings on Facebook Marketplace to increase visibility
    • Utilizing free rental listing websites like craigslist.org to reach a wider audience
    • Installing “For Rent” signs, where permitted, to attract local prospects
    • Utilizing the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to extend the property’s reach
  • Collaborate with other realtors and leasing agents to identify potential tenants
  • Respond to inquiries and schedule viewings with prospective tenants
  • Conduct showings throughout the week and weekend to accommodate varying schedules
  • Provide prospective tenants with rental applications and address any questions they may have regarding the rental process

Tenant Screening And Selection

  • Conduct a comprehensive background check to verify the identity of applicants, including employment and income verification, credit history assessment, and rental history verification
  • Evaluate tenants based on pre-established criteria to determine their suitability
  • Provide clear communication to applicants who were not approved for tenancy, informing them of the decision

Tenant Move In

  • Prepare the leasing agreement, outlining the terms and conditions of the lease
  • Coordinate with the tenant to confirm the move-in date
  • Review lease guidelines with the tenant, including rental payment terms and property maintenance requirements
  • Ensure all necessary agreements and documents are properly executed
  • Conduct a thorough move-in inspection in the presence of the tenant, documenting the condition of the property. Have the tenant sign a report verifying the findings
  • Incorporate specific addendums into the leases to provide additional protections for the landlord. Feel free to inquire about the specific addendums you are interested in


  • Act as intermediary between landlord and third parties, including (but not limited to);
    • Tenants
    • Condo association
    • Vendors
  • Provide personalized support and advice to landlords on necessary vs unnecessary condo and tenant requests 


  • Conduct regular inspections, both inside and outside the property, according to a predetermined schedule, to identify any repair needs, safety hazards, code violations, lease violations, and other pertinent issues
  • Provide the property owner with periodic reports, updating them on the condition of the property and any notable findings from the inspections

Maintenance And Repairs

  • Provide and oversee an in-house maintenance crew to handle property repairs and maintenance
  • Maintain a network of licensed, bonded, and fully insured contractors who have undergone thorough vetting to ensure competitive pricing and adherence to code requirements
  • Delegate specific jobs to the most suitable parties, be it in-house employees, handymen, or professional contractors, based on their expertise and cost-effectiveness
  • Monitor a 24-hour emergency repair hot-line to promptly address any urgent repair needs
  • Empowerment for property manager to approve fixes under $300 (unless otherwise specified) for efficient resolution of minor maintenance issues

Tenant Move Out

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the unit and prepare a detailed report on the property’s condition upon the client’s move-out
  • Provide the tenant with a copy of the inspection report, including estimated damages, if any
  • Arrange for professional cleaning services and handle necessary repairs or upgrades to restore the unit to its optimal condition
  • Coordinate the hiring of qualified individuals or contractors to efficiently address the tasks mentioned above***
  • If applicable, re-key the locks to ensure the security of the property***
  • Prepare the property for re-rental and initiate marketing efforts to attract potential tenants

While not exhaustive, this list provides insight into our property management team’s scope of activities. You might wonder how these services benefit you and align with your real estate investment strategy. Continue reading to discover more.



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