Kyle Spearin

Real Estate Specialist

Phone: 7816644198


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More About Kyle

Kyle fell in love with real estate when he took the plunge and purchased his first piece of property. With little to no experience, he went on a whim and gutted the space with the intention to flip it. When the renovation was complete, he obtained his real estate license to sell the house himself. What Kyle made on this single transaction was enough to pay off his student loans — it changed his life and he wants to help change yours, too! 

Since catching the real estate bug, Kyle built a career through working with real estate technology companies while continuing to flip houses in the Boston metro area.  This has put Kyle on the path towards financial freedom. Now residing in Boston, he has developed extensive knowledge of the various neighborhoods throughout the city along with a knack for finding the best local eats. When he is not researching the real estate market and selling homes to his clients, you can find Kyle watching Patriots games, traveling to new destinations, and spending time with his family.

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