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Boston Real Estate Market in March 2024

In August 2024, the Boston real estate market underwent a series of shifts and nuances that painted a complex portrait of the city’s housing landscape. This blog post aims to provide a deeper understanding of the market by delving into key statistics and trends that characterized this pivotal month. Let’s look a little deeper.

Average Home Price: $770,000 (Up 2.7% from March 2023)

Standing at an impressive $770,000, the median sales price for condos in Metro Boston exemplifies a market characterized by steady growth. Compared to March 2023, this figure reflects a notable 2.7% uptick, showcasing the enduring appeal and value appreciation within the region. What’s intriguing is the absence of change from February 2024, hinting at a fascinating stabilization in prices following a period of upward trajectory. This nuanced shift underscores the market’s ability to find equilibrium amid evolving dynamics.

Average Days on Market (DOM): 19 (Down 5% from March 2023)

Condos in Metro Boston are spending a median of just 19 days on the market, showcasing the market’s swift pace and efficiency. Compared to March 2023, this figure reflects a notable 5% decrease, indicative of the market’s evolving dynamics. Notably, the median days on market plummeted by 15.6% from the preceding month, February 2024, underscoring the brisk pace of transactions and the eagerness of buyers to seize opportunities. It’s a testament to the market’s agility and the desirability of properties within the region.

Number of Closed Sales: 439 (Down 10.8% from March 2023)

March 2024 witnessed 439 closed sales, a figure that, while showing a decline of 10.8% from the previous year, reveals a significant uptick of 42.1% from the preceding month, February 2024. This surge in closed transactions signals a renewed vigor pulsating through the market, potentially fueled by seasonal shifts or pent-up demand. It’s a testament to the market’s resilience and capacity to adapt to changing conditions, showcasing its inherent vitality.

Average Sold Price per Square Foot: $705 (Up 5% from March 2023)

The median sold price per square foot, at $705, paints a picture of robust demand and competitive bidding among buyers. This figure represents a noteworthy 5% increase from March 2023, indicating sustained momentum in the market. Moreover, the remarkable rise of 11.6% from the previous month underscores the heightened activity and eagerness among buyers to secure desirable properties. It’s a reflection of the market’s vibrancy and the allure it holds for both investors and residents.

Number of New Listings: 834 (Down 19.1% from March 2023)

March 2024 saw the introduction of 834 new listings, marking a decline of 19.1% from the same period last year. However, there’s been a notable uptick of 12.7% from February 2024, signaling an influx of fresh inventory into the market. This surge in new listings offers buyers a wider array of options and has the potential to alleviate some of the supply constraints observed in recent months. It’s a welcome development that speaks to the market’s resilience and capacity for adaptation in the face of evolving dynamics.

In Conculsion

In conclusion, the condominium market in Metro Boston remains robust and dynamic, characterized by resilient prices, brisk transactional activity, and a balanced inventory. While certain metrics indicate a cooling from the frenetic pace of previous months, overall, the market appears to be on solid footing, supported by strong demand and favorable market conditions.

Disclaimer: The market statistics presented are sourced from GBAR’s March 2024 data and are representative of condominiums in Metro Boston, including Arlington, Belmont, Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Chelsea, Dedham, Everett, Milton, Newton, Revere, Somerville, Waltham, Watertown, and Winthrop. It’s essential to consult with a qualified real estate professional for comprehensive insights tailored to individual circumstances and preferences.

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