First-Time Home Buyer

I was a first time home buyer and got referred to Jessica at JL+CoRE who my colleague used multiple times for buying/selling property in Boston. (I also recommended another colleague to her after I bought my place).
She was fantastic from the start and continues to check in months after moving into my new condo. At the very beginning she was very helpful, informative, and never pushed me into buying a property that didn't make sense. As a first time buyer I was very anxious to buy a place, and she even talked me out of buying some locations that looking back on would have been HUGE mistakes. She always went over the positives/negatives and helped me to make the best choice. I got a great place with everything I wanted at an extremely low rate that I couldn't be happier at. She also put me in touch with all the lawyers, mortgage companies and everyone else I needed to close on my place.
I would highly recommend her if you were looking to buy or sell any property in the area whether it is your first time or more experienced.

— Shane T.