Investment Buyer

We worked with Jessica for over two years looking for a multi-family investment property. I can't even remember how many open houses we went to during those two years and Jessica was at nearly all of them. She was always professional, friendly, warm and patient. Finally after about two years we found a great place in South Boston. It was not an easy purchase and there were multiple offers. Jessica guided us through the entire process and helped us to seal the deal. We ended up doing 4-5 months worth of rehab and renovation work before the units were ready for renting. We also asked Jessica to help us with renting both units. Again, this was not an easy process because we ended up having to rent during the off season and when there was a lot of inventory sitting. Despite all these challenges, Jessica was also able to help us find great tenants. Each step of the way, Jessica and her team were with us and she was also extremely supportive and always honest even during the moments we were either nervous or worried about how things would turn out. We absolutely LOVE our place in South Boston and very happy with our new tenants. We would highly recommend Jessica and her team to anyone who wants to buy a new home or rent out their home.

— Tina C.